Since the publication of the Prime Rank, questions arised regarding the training provided and rank assigned. Since 2013 LUIS is Teaching Prime Tech, and there is no student that have received a rank yet.

In most of the countries he visited he found not yet an individual interested with the necessary foundation to become a student.

Students and candidates to students that received the NSD & EM Rank, 1987 – 2014, are requested to apply again to become a student in order to be evaluated and received a Prime Tech Rank, as their qualifications do not represent the stage of development of the teaching at the current date; it is necessary for them an upgrade.

The following lists suggests the number individuals that have received Prime Tech Teachings and are welcome to apply in order to be a student and qualify as a Prime Tech Practitioner. These will be integrated in the official ranking.

  • Students with Rank, and with Black Belt :00 
  • White Belt Students : 00 
  • Candidates to Students, did apply to become a student, and have not yet been accepted: 02
  • Registered Practitioners, did not apply yet to become a student: Eurasia & Online ( RU: 120, GR: 50 , FIN : 90, AUSTRIA: 30, ONLINE: 40)
  • Banned: 36 registered6


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